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.com and look for the prop 8 tab. >> a stretch of byron highway in contra costa is still shut down following a major accident that took the lives of two people flt an 18-wheeler and a sedan collided around 3:20 this afternoon. a child described to be around 7 years old was pronounced dead scene and, another person was pronounced dead at the hospital. . >> oak lands police say they're no longer investigating the case of a football fan who fell from the upper deck o of the coliseum last night. they say it's a medical incident. the man toppled over the railing falling 30 feet. some witnesses told l police the man was sitting on the railing, others say it looked like he jumped. >> two restaurants remain closed and without power after a fire last night. the three-alarm fire broke out in a crawl space over the pan dna express restaurant. the restaurants were evacuated and no one was hurt. today an employee told us an electrical short started the fire. . >> members of an oakland youth group say someone stole $1,000 dollar from them after they landed in florida yesterday. they traveled to fort la
that a driver is also dead in this crash. this is the scene at byron highway near cliff on the court -- clifton court road. we told you earlier that a child around the age of 7 died and in the past minutes we confirm third degree driver of that car also died. we also understand now that this crash caused a dee sal spill deez sal spill. you see both lanes are closed. the latest information we have from the highway patrol is that this area is going be shut down until at least 6:00. >> a former south bay elementary schoolteacher was sen sensed to jail for possession of child pornography. he was arrested at his home in may after police found photos on his computer. he taught at the will rogers elementary school. his sentence includes four years probation and he has to register as a sex offender. >> we have more for you, eight people are under arrest after a swat team action in east oakland overnight. police say they made the arrests after serving search washts last night. . >> the sheriff was turned away from speaking at a school today after students wrote him letters criticizing his policies an
on byron highway about 3:20 yesterday afternoon. police say that a car crashed into a big rig truck. the chp said the truck driver noticed the car swerving right before the crash. >> he noticed the car, it's back behind me, started swerving back and forth and came across the double yellow line and hit the front of his truck. >> the driver of the car, a 21- year-old was airlifted to the hospital where she died. police say a young boy was also killed. he was in the backseat of the car and was eight or nine. the truck driver was not hurt. > heavy equipment is moving into move rocks off a napa county highway after a slide there. it appears half the hillside came down. the highway patrol said it wants people to avoid the area because the roads will be closed. >>> in sonoma, highway one will stay closed at least until next friday. the stretch of roadway was closed on wednesday after a section was damaged during the recent storms. at first there were report that the road would reopen yesterday but caltrans said that crews are still working on repairs, detours are currently in place. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3